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Photo Gallery

St. Francis Inn St. Francis Inn Oldest Inn in St. Augustine Haunted Inn where staffers and guests have seen apparitions, experienced electrical objects turn off and on, and felt the presence of Lily. 204879582 Hanging Moss 204879583 Old Stairway Leading upstairs. 204879584 Hallway Leading to Lily"s Room Orb on floor in front of Lily's room. 204879587 Lily's Room Ghost of formerly passed servant girl who roams the Inn. 204879585 Dining Room 204879586 Second Floor Parlor Area where two different cameras malfunctioned on two different evenings. Could not take photos in that area on those nights. 204879588 Orb In Mirror Orb on reflection of Paul in mirror. 204879589 Orb Located in downstairs room. 204879590 Orb Located in downstairs room.Taken first night of our stay. 204879591 Horse Drawn Carriage Ride Orb to right of horse. 204879592 Gateway To the courtyard. 204879976