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Photo Gallery

American Legion Post #22, Whitman, Ma. American Legion Post #22, Whitman, Ma. Wayne Nye points out photo of his Grandfather to the M.A.P.S. Team. 167899654 Russell Samuel Past Commander in 1942. 167899651 Doorway leading to the bar area. This door has been recorded opening by itself on security cameras. 167899653 Marie briefs the team on activity which takes place in the American Legion Hall. 167899655 Restroom doors open and close and a paper towel dispenser turns on by itself in the Ladies Room. 167899658 Area near entrance where a few M.A.P.S. Team members felt energy as they entered the hall. 167899659 An exceptional cold spot was felt in this corner of the room. 167899661 Bar area where a bartender complained of feeling a presence when she was alone. 167899663 Lots of activity at the bar. When Lorrie asked for the presence to move an object, her camera fell over on the bar. 167899665 An EVP session takes place at the bar. 167899664 EMF detectors responded to questions in the bar area all night. 167899666 Wayne Forni tells of his reaction when seeing a black shadow to his side. 167899670 Another team member also saw the black shadow to the side of Cameraman, "Other Wayne" 167899672 Cameras were set up in different areas of the bar in hopes of capturing something on film. 167899673 Newest piece of equipment. Team members listen to the newest piece of equipment, the Ovilus X. 167899674 Paul of the tech crew discusses the voice box with other team members. 167899679 Kitchen area When a team member remarked that she was going into the kitchen alone to do an EVP session, the message from the Ovilus said "chicken!" 167899675 Wayne Nye checks in with friends of the American Legion Hall, Paul and Rich who supervised the monitor all evening. 167899677 Whitman American Legion Post #22 Adopted in 1923. 167899652 American Legion Hall Picture submitted by Marie Leiler. 170172846 American Legion Hall Picture submitted by Marie Leiler. 170172847 American Legion Hall Picture submitted by Marie Leiler. 170172848