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Photo Gallery

Houghton Mansion, North Adams, Ma. Houghton Mansion, North Adams, Ma. Albert Charles Houghton First Mayor of North Adams. (North Adams Historical Society) 140216368 Houghton Family Lot Southview Cemetery, North Adams, Ma. 140216370 This 17 room mansion has been home to LaFayette Greylock Lodge A.F.& A.M. since 1927. 140216367 Interior view 140216376 Main stairway leading to the second floor 140216380 Second floor room, where two M.A.P.S. Team members witnessed a figure behind one of the chairs in the corner. 140216375 Elaborate bannisters grace the stairways. 140216378 Leaded windows and detailed woodwork are viewed throughout the mansion. 140216377 View from the attic of the winding staircase below. 140216379 The Library was full of interesting momentos. 140216384 A portrait of the late Mayor graces the wall of the Library. 140216395 The Masonic Lodge 140216381 Alter of the Lodge 140216382 The square is situated on top of the Bible. 140216383 Paul, M.A.P.S. Team member, investigates inside the Lodgeroom. 140216396 Wayne conducts an EVP session within the Lodgeroom. 140216386 Elaborate banner of St. Paul 140216385 Much of the original woodwork and lighting fixtures remain intact. 140216393 Ornate chandelier 140216387 Seminar by Kathryn Wilson and Melissa Sehgal. 140216374 Kathryn, Lorrie and Wayne meet after the conclusion of the Seminar. 140216392 A group pf 20 people investigate the attic. 140216390 Back stairway, descending the attic. 140216388 Old stairway leading down to the cellar. 140216366 140216389 The cellar was dark and a bit eerie! 140216398 An antique barber chair was found in the basement. 140216399 Magnificent old boiler which once supplied heat to the entire estate. 140216397 Conclusion of the evening with M.A.P.S. Team members and Psychic Mediums Kathryn Wilson and Melissa Sehgal. The lodges first Worshipful Master looks on. 140216391 Masonic emblem against the evening sky. 140216373