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Photo Gallery

M.A.P.S. First Public Investigation M.A.P.S. First Public Investigation 13 guests of the M.A.P.S. Team pose outside the M.A.P.S. Headquarters on W. Union St. E. Bridgewater, Ma. 135934919 Group in front of Mrs. Swift's & Moore Antiques Shop. 135934920 Guests form a circle, eager to learn about the site. 135934921 Team Researcher, Wayne Nye, briefs the group on the history of the Carver Cotton Gin. 135934922 Exploring the grounds before the sun set, gave our guests a feel of the area. 135934925 Three teams of investigators dispersed throughout the massive area. 135934923 Flourishing vines creep along the bricks surrounding the Nurses Building. 135934926 Roy explains some of his many experiences during the past 12 years. 135934924 Paul leads his group through the labyrinth of corridors. 135934929 A serious mindset........ once the investigation was underway. 135934927 Guests from Hanson explore the area. 135934930 Did you hear that?? 135934928 Corridor near unit which had loads of activity in the past. 135934933 Ambitious photographer hopes to capture an anomaly. 135934931 As EMF detector spikes, our guest remains cool and in control. 135934934 Cameras flashed constantly throughout the evening. 135934932 Roy shares another story with the teams. 135934937 One guest felt something from above. 135934935 Good friends work together on their team. 135934938 Experienced guest, Michele enjoys every minute of the investigation. 135934936 Attic activity 135934941 Other Waynes' attention is turned to the rear wall' 135934939 135934940 This unique window captured everyones' attention. 135934918