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Photo Gallery

Monroe, Ct. Monroe, Ct. Monroe, CT. A visit to the home of Lorraine Warren on Sat. July 16,2011 132902062 Lorraine Warren and her late husband Ed are considered to be America's experts on demonology and exorcism. 132902064 M.A.P.S. Team members stand outside the Warren's Museum of Haunted Objects. 132902061 Sign which hangs outside the museum. 132902063 Corridor leading to the Warren's Museum accumulation of over 50 years of haunted artifacts. 132902066 Tony Spera, Lorraine's son in law, explains to the group the story of Annabelle, the deadly rag doll. 132902068 Another doll with a haunting past. 132902065 Our lead investigator! If it isn't Wayne Nye!!!!! 132902067 Misc. museum objects. 133696654 133696658 The infamous Ouija board 133696653 133696655 132902070 132902072 Voo-Doo Dolls 132902069 Variety of carved figurines 132902071 133696656 M.A.P.S. Team member Paul, enjoys the museum. 133696660 133696657 133696659 The haunted mirror Mirror, mirror on the wall! 132902074 Baphomet 132902076 The haunted piano 132902073 Book of black magic 132902075 Background of candlelight 132902078 Child's companion 132902080 Serpent 132902077 Candles light the way 132902079 Annabelle and friend. 132902082 Display of masks 132902084 Say ahhh! 132902081 M.A.P.S. Team member Paul snapping photos. 132902083 Tarot cards 132902086 Fortune Teller 132902094 132902085 Ouija board or Spirit board. 132902093 Annabelle, enclosed in glass case. 133696661 133696664 Misc. haunted items 132902096 The Lady in White!! 133696665 The Lady in White Something in the background? 133696667 The Lady in White, who supposedly haunts the Union Cemetery. 133696666 Lead investigator tries to capture energy through the Haunted Museum window. 132902095 Tony tells the story of Ed Warren 132902087 Exquisite black marble stone marks the resting place of Ed Warren. 132902091 Close up of beautiful stone. 133696663 Ed Warren Sept. 7,1926 Aug.23, 2006 132902089 Classy lady Lorraine leads the crowd out of Stepney Cemetery. 132902088 Guy talk...... among Tony, Wayne and Paul 132902090 Concluding our walk through the cemetery. 132902060 Roberto's Italian Restaurant treated us well after the museum and cemetery tours. 37 guests enjoyed a delicious meal! 132902092 Gracious hostess, Lorraine, took time to meet all the guests and sign her books. 133696662