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Welcome to the official website of the Massachusetts Area Paranormal Society (M.A.P.S.).

On this website, we will post summaries of all of our investigations, as well as photos of each one. To access photos, please visit the "M.A.P.S. Photo Gallery" in the sidebar to the right. To read about the investigation, it will be listed by location in the sidebar to the right.

Here at M.A.P.S., although we have been together for 13 years, we do not claim to be experts! We enjoy conducting investigations and do it purely for the love of the paranormal. The M.A.P.S. Team is willing to investigate sites at no expense to the owners. Unlike other groups, we do not find it necessary to provoke energies. All investigated properties are treated with consideration and respect.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website!

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TEAM UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Historic Ghost Tour of East Bridgewater Village will not be happening this year. Our team, as well as our guests of the past 12 years are extremely disappointed. During the years we had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people who enjoyed the history of the Old Masonic Building as well as the stories of past residents of this quaint New England town of East Bridgewater. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers, guests and abundant spirit energies who were all a huge part of it being such a success. Over the years, many guests captured great photos and experienced unexplained activity in the funeral parlor as well as in the cemetery and along the route of the tour.

We are in the process of planning some surprises in the future! 



Our team is excited to announce the first paranormal investigation of the Old Masonic Building open to the public.

The former Historic Masonic Building located within the Bridgewater Triangle has an abundance of unexplainable activity. It is not uncommon to hear mysterious voices, bells ring, or musical toys play by themselves. Strong odors and waves of chilling air have been experienced, as well as objects moving, apparitions, shadows and numerous other paranormal phenomena.

Join Wayne Nye the Cemetery Guy from 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. as he shares with us his incredible knowledge of the Old Masonic Building, its inhabitants, and its many secrets of the past. Step back in time as you absorb the gracious environment which is home to numerous spirits. Teams will be divided into two groups of six guests each, accompanied by a M.A.P.S. Team Member, who will answer questions and ensure your safety throughout the evening. All guests will be required to wear masks and practice social distancing. Disinfectant and hand sanitizer will be available. No smoking, food or alcohol is permitted, with the exception of water. Feel free to bring along your paranormal equipment. Due to the pandemic, only a limited amount of equipment will be shared among guests. We realize that there are skeptics out there, as well as many who believe in the paranormal and unexplained. Actually, one in five people have claimed to have seen or felt the presence of a ghost. Since we have such a close ongoing relationship with the energies in this building, we ask that you treat the spirits within these walls with dignity and respect.

The fee for our Paranormal Investigation is $50.00 per person. Cash or check only. Reservations may be made at Mrs. Swift's & Moore Antiques, 16 West Union Street, East Bridgewater, MA. Shop hours are Wed. through Sat. 11 - 4 , Sun. 9-12 or by appointment. Spaces are limited and you will be asked to sign a waiver. The investigations will take place on Friday and Saturday evenings during September and October. Please park in front of the building at 7:30 p.m. Because of social distancing, you will be escorted into the rear of the Old Masonic Building by Mr. Nye.

For more information, call Lorrie at (617) 943-5796 or email to [email protected]


We are pleased to announce our schedule for Table Tipping with Psychic Medium Kate Otto Macuch. The sessions have been uplifting, positive and inspirational! 



- Table tipping limited to 6 people per event.

- Tickets: $45.00 per person

- For ticket sales and for more information, please call Lorrie at (617) 943-5796. Please see above for shop hours.


   Photos from "Visiting Hours" Paranormal Investigations held at

Mrs. Swifts' & Moore Antiques and Haunted Old Masonic Building,

East Bridgewater, MA

Original members of the Historic Ghost Tour of East Bridgewater Village!


Follow us on Facebook and Bookmark our Page to stay up to date - we plan on hosting informational presentations in the Victorian Parlor at Mrs. Swifts and Moore Antiques soon!


The M.A.P.S. Team was founded in 2007 by local genealogist and historian, Wayne Nye "The Cemetery Guy". Since then, we have been investigating local (and not so local) sites with reported paranormal activity.

To see a summary of all of our investigations, please see the "Investigations" tab in the sidebar on the right.

To see our photos from the investigations, please visit the "M.A.P.S. Photo Gallery" tab in the sidebar on the right.

To see an in depth description of each investigation, please choose from the sidebar on the right.

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